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DOSALAS latin kitchen + tequila bar logo, a tequila bar in Vancouver, WA

Waterfront Restaurant + Bar Vancouver, WA

Celebrate life, friends + family with our specialty cocktails + authentic Latin-inspired cuisine. DOSALAS brings the flavors of Latin America to the Vancouver Waterfront.

DOSALAS is a new experience. We’ve given up “traditional” in favor of more engaging, dynamic + interactive fine dining in Vancouver, Washington. Whether you choose to sit on our Pearl Deck overlooking the water, or any of our many seating areas, we present a series of curated plates as they’re prepared, allowing you to leisurely indulge in the flavors of Latin America with your friends + family. Our service ensures that you have a truly unique experience every time you visit our waterfront restaurant and tequila bar.


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Latin America...

DOSALAS presents cocktails + foods inspired by Latin America + beyond, including Peru, Cuba, Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Portugal, Venezuela + Brazil. We capture the true + authentic spirit of Latin culinary culture. DOSALAS also fuses the spirit of the Vancouver Waterfront with ingredients + dishes from the pacific northwest, such as salmon, little neck crab, Dungeness crab + more. The food is colorful, spicy + citrusy, the energy is bright + vivid + the cocktails flow ceaselessly.


for a curated experience…

Just like the food, our cocktails are also individually curated according to your tastes + dishes. We bring a wide range of curated cocktails using Latin-infused ingredients. Our craft beverage program ensures you find the ideal cocktails, spirits + wine to pair perfectly with your dishes + preferences. You can enjoy your curated cocktails in the mezzanine, diamond bar, or the glorious Pearl Deck overlooking the water at the best restaurant Vancouver Waterfront has to offer.


all its milestones with us…

DOSALAS offers the perfect venue to celebrate life + all its milestones, big + small. Whether you’d like to enjoy drinks with friends, relax after a long day at work with a drink or two, celebrate birthdays + special memories, create memories with your family, or even propose to a loved one… DOSALAS makes everyday life feel a little more special.


your culinary guides…

Our staff is individually selected + trained to be your culinary guides through the flavors of Mexico + Latin America. If you’re feeling adventurous or uncertain, describe your taste palette to our wait staff — they’ll make recommendations curated to your specific desires while ensuring you order enough for everyone. Once you walk through our doors, you’re family + you can be assured of a family-style experience.

OpenTable’s #1 booked restaurant of Portland!

Invigorating beverages, lavish dishes + alluring dining on the water. That’s DOSALAS for you.

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Come celebrate life, friends + family with us at our waterfront restaurant and tequila bar in Vancouver, WA.